Friday, January 27, 2012

Blocking-sockets Windows binaries released!

        I have compiled the projects under MS Windows, surprisingly almost everything worked as expected and the binaries are available in  Downloads(-RPGServer / Client / Bot Tutorial ->Windows Binaries), feel free to download and test it.

      There were only two problems:
  1. Server include paths were wrong, I had <SDL/SDL.h> so I replaced them with <SDL.h> and compiled fine
  2. The bot was giving me errors in the line srand(time(NULL)), solved with a #include <time.h>, curious it worked fine under linux.
When running there is only an issue: no cout output under windows so server starts, and actually works! but there is no output at all, anyway it's ok to test.

        The server has certain limits like not being able to accept more than 1018 clients and to use too much resources, but if you plan to work with a limited amount of users (200-300) it will make the job.

        I would be glad to hear (constructive) comments about the code, the bugs you may found and well, basically your opinion.

Thanks to everybody!

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