Monday, May 23, 2011

Stoping to order things.


         I've got a good and a bad new:

        The bad one is that i have stopped posting in the last weeks because I've been really busy with many important (and not so important) things...

       The good thing about it is that i have realized that i should have done one thing before going any further into the tutorials: to make a decent tileset, it may look a trivial thing but it's not at all: there are many things in the game that need the graphics, so no graphics, no game.

      When i started to make the tileset, first i tried to use one of the many free tilesets wandering around the net, i started googling but after searching for hours i discovered a few things:

1 -It is real hard to find good-quality tilesets.
2 -Tilesets are very genre-specific, so i discarded many tyrian-zelda-pokemon-clones.
3 -When i started to found rpg-tilesets , it was not like i could use straight the tilesets, i should need to adjust the size, clean the background so it has a transparent color, not bricks....

Finally i have chosen to use the nethack graphical tileset to create my own one, in the next post i'll be showing it and how i did (part of the tiles, no credits at all to me)...