Friday, January 27, 2012

Blocking-Sockets server code released

Hello again!

         After I decided to stop the development for a while I tought it would be nice to share the code with everybody interested, so after a huge cleanup (probably not enought) I have uploaded the code for the server, the client and a silly bot I did to test multiple client connections, they are now in Downloads (-RPGServer / Client / Bot Tutorial -> Source code), feel free to download and test it.

        The server has certain limits like not being able to accept more than 1018 clients and to use too much resources, but if you plan to work with a limited amount of users (200-300) it will make the job.

     Server is untested under windows (it works!), client and bot wont care too much for the OS (will work in linux / windows), I don't have a machine with Mac OS X to test so I couldn't test it (any volunteer to try with an apple computer?)

        I would be glad to hear (constructive) comments about the code, the bugs you may found and well, basically your opinion.

Thanks to everybody!

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