Monday, November 28, 2011

So I want make an MMORPG, Where do I start from? PART 3

<It had been a long time since I made my last post , part of the problem was because I've been on a trip to Paris (A city everybody should visit at least once in their life), another part of the problem is my fight with non - blocking sockets, but now i'm back and I feel refreshed , with energy to continue with the project.>

Today I'm going to speak about a few things: the server structure ,about messaging  and finally about blocking sockets vs non blocking sockets:

Server Structure:

I plan to make my server architecture based in something like that:

Clients (a.k.a. players) will connect to a login/ authentication server , when validated they will connect to the proxy server, proxy will redirect players to the less loaded server, (balancing server load), server instances will be deployed across the servers on demand ( if a server is more powerful it could handle more instances), all server instances + login server + proxy srv will access the SQL server to write /read all persistent data to be stored, such as:
  • Usernames / passwords for the login server
  • Maps , players and objects for the server instances
  • Number of instances, server instance sockets and health status of the instances (load and failures) for the proxy server.
That is a draft of the design I plan to do, at the moment I'm just working to make a server instance + sql server working, the remaining features will be done later (LOGIN / PROXY).

<Messaging in the next post>

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