Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Simple chat server, code uploaded...

<A chat server / client>

I've just uploaded the full code for the simple chat server and client projects, it is a very simple project, but shows the core needed to create a server including multi-threading and connections /disconnections from clients.

At the moment the clients can do:
  • Send messages to other clients.
  • Send private messages to another client (/priv nick message)
  • Ask for the list of connected users (/List)
  • Change nick (/nick newnick)
  • And of course, exit the server (/quit)
I don't have plans to upgrade the chat server, instead I'm going to adapt it so many players can connect with a client (rpg demo 4) to the server and anybody can walk around and chat.... That is my next milestone, when I achieve it I'll enable the fights to spice it a little ;)


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