Tuesday, October 19, 2010


All the games have rules, mine's are:

  1. I will only use free software for my project, it's not I'm against the companies that sell software, it's that i want to make my project accessible to everybody, so my OS is a Linux sistem (Ubuntu), my IDE (code::blocks) my tools (gimp, open office, etc), my database (mysql), everything must be free , but i'm not "narrow minded", i want to make my project compatible with others OSs like Windows  (in fact i suppose it will be compatible to any OS with c++ compiler and SDL port).
  2. I will do the project alone, it's just something i want to make since long, long time ago, it doesn't mean i refuse help, i know that i will need it in the graphics and sound, so at least at the beginning i'll be using free tile graphics, and of course i will accept it when i start with coding.. but i want to make it by my own resources. 
  3. I have 1 year to complete the development, at least to have a working client and the server and database online (at least to have something playable working).
  4. I will post all the ideas and portions of code or pseudo-code of everything, the objective is not just accomplish my goal but to help other people to make their dreams come true.
My game, my rules

And thats all for now!

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