Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Tilesets

I'm back, again!

I have retaken my project after the MySql + OpenGL experiments

My first step after deciding to improve the graphics of my game was to update my horrible tileset, so I searched for GPL'ed tilesets,... I was about to surrender but finally I found a very nice place:  RL Tiles , a nice collection of GPL tilesets that gave me basically all what I needed:

Monsters / characters (From Dungeon Crawl):

Items (From Dungeon Crawl):

But at this point I needed some aid with the terrains + some magic effects, so I remembered a very fun, addictive rogue like made in Java: Tyrant - The Java Roguelike I asked the creator, Mike Anderson if I could include the game images and he accepted if I redistribute it under GPL license, Thanks Mike!!

Mixed terrain from Dungeon crawl / Tyrant:

Magic Effects (Courtesy from Tyrant - the Java Roguelike):

All tilesets are 1024*1024 size, with the transparency set to Red:255/Green:0/Blue:255 (Pink), each one is divided into 32* 32 tiles with a size of 32*32 pixels (1024 tiles / tileset, space to grow!), finally all them are free to redistribute / use under GPL license.

In the next post I will speak about map storage with MySql and loading to ram..


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