Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Code::Blocks(3) C++ SDL and Life "engine.h"

Here is the code for the engine class header, just copy and paste into file engine.h in the project, then save the project:

#ifndef ENGINE_H
#define ENGINE_H

#include <SDL/SDL.h> //SDL library
#include <SDL/SDL_image.h> //+SDL_image library (I use it for loading .png files)

class Engine

    SDL_Surface* screen; //The screen
    SDL_Surface* tileset; //A simple tileset for testing purposes only

    int ScreenX;//Width of the screen
    int ScreenY;//Height of the screen
    int bpp;//Bit Per Pixel (colour depth)

    int MouseX; //Mouse x position
    int MouseY; //Mouse y position
    Uint8 MouseButtons; //Mouse button pressed

    int Frames; //Actual frame
    int FPS;      //Frames per second
    int StartTick;
    int LastTick;

    Uint8 TileSize; //size of the default tile

        Engine(); //creator
        virtual ~Engine(); //destructor
        void SetVga(); //Set the video mode
        void FillColour(Uint8 r,Uint8 g,Uint8 b); //fill screen with a colour
        void Flip(); //Flips the backbuffer to the primary buffer
        void LoadTileset(); //loads a test tileset
        void UpdateMouse(); //refresh mouse position and buttons pressed
        void BlitTileset(int x,int y, int tile); // Blit a tile from our tileset to the screen
        void Wait(Uint32 ms); //waits ms miliseconds
        int TimeElapsed(); //Get the time passed since last time control
        void UpdateTimer(); //Update the start time control

#endif // ENGINE_H

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